Tuesday, February 9, 2021


Dear Pastor, This is the first time I am writing to you. I hope that you can help me. I am living with my boyfriend. We have been together for two years. He has been trying to get me pregnant, but without success. The doctor told him that he is not the problem why I am not getting pregnant. My doctor told me that she has not seen anything wrong with me and I should learn to relax and not fret about anything. It is easy for my doctor to say that, but I do fret. Sometimes I ask my boyfriend if he would leave me if I don't get pregnant soon. He told me that he does not have that intention. I really love this man. My mother is encouraging me to adopt a child if I don't get pregnant by the time I am 30. My husband does not want us to adopt a child. I am tired of waiting. Sometimes when the month is ending and I see my period, I am so disappointed. I wonder if God is punishing me for something that I have done. I have two sisters and they are mothers, so why is it that I cannot be a mother? People tell me to drink herbs to clean out my system. I have done so, but nothing is happening. Sometimes when I make love to my boyfriend and he discharges in me, and he wants to get up, I hold him back and I tell him not to get up because I want everything to drain in me. You may think that I am silly, but I only want to have a child. C.B. Dear C.B., I don't believe you are silly. You are desperate and other women have been in a similar position. Some eventually got pregnant, while others have never got pregnant. The good Lord knows what your fate is. Don't waste your money on people who cannot help you and don't pressure your boyfriend. This matter is not totally in his hands. Wait on the good Lord. Pastor

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